Senior Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween might just be one of the most unique holidays we celebrate as a nation. It’s a time for creativity and fun, while also being a time for horror movies and scary decorations. Whether you prefer the fun, creative side or the horror and scary side of Halloween, there are tons of costume ideas for you, especially if you’re trying to stay under budget. 

Here are 4 costume ideas already in your closet or that cost less than $20.

Classic Movie Characters 

Some movie characters stand the test of time. Even when a movie may not be as popular to watch, people know these characters. We’re talking about Dr. Who, Doctor Brown from Back to the Future, Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders, and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing. These characters imprinted us with memories to last a lifetime.

You can easily find items for these costumes in your closet or at the nearest thrift stores. You’ll keep your expenses low while adding a touch of nostalgia to your Halloween celebrations.

Garden Gnome

This one’s for all your gardeners out there. No costume is better for a green thumb than a charming garden gnome. This whimsical costume is easy to put together and easy on the wallet. 

Start with a simple red or blue pointed hat (you might already have this). If you don’t have one, you can find one at a craft store or online for a few dollars. Pair it with a white shirt and overalls and voilà, you’ll be the cutest gnome in the garden!

Retro Diner Waitstaff

Halloween is a great time to relive the past and bring back some style. A retro diner waitstaff costume is a great callback to the memories your loved one has with friends and family. After a night out at the roller rink, it only made sense to stop at the local burger joint for a delicious hamburger and fries, so why not bring back those good times with a classy, retro outfit?

You can find affordable aprons and paper hats at a local party supply store or online. Pair them with white button-up shirt and black slacks or a skirt for a complete diner look. Bonus points if you can add a vintage tray and some diner-themed accessories!

Grandparent Costume

Okay, so just hear us out on this one. Some grandparents love being a grandparent so much, they may want to embrace the “senior” theme with humor by dressing up as a stereotypical grandma or grandpa. 

We’re not talking about their normal clothing here. Go raid a closet or thrift store for oversized, vintage clothing, and layer it to create the perfect “old-fashioned” look. Don’t forget the classic props like reading glasses, a cane, and a shawl or cardigan. Have fun exaggerating the senior stereotype this Halloween.

What Will You Be This Halloween?

Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for seniors to join in on the fun and creativity, all without breaking the bank. And a homemade costume is a great opportunity to craft together or go shopping at the local thrift store and laugh about some of your finds. 

So, put on your costume, grab some treats, and let the Halloween spirit fill your senior living community with laughter and joy!